16 June 2008

Anti-flash-bang lawyer marketing

I love this site because it came together as it should. Now, I can't take complete credit for it. The writer gets a sizeable share. As editor and project manager, I get a sizeable share. But the person who gets the most credit is the person for whom we built the site: Mr. James Denison. He gets most of the credit because he already had his thumb on what it meant to market yourself as a lawyer on the Web.

This site proves that you don't need flash or other attention-grabbing multimedia on the page. Here, what counts is the content. It's a clean, attractive site that focuses on one thing: Mr. Denison's legal writing and oral advocacy skills.

In my opinion, writing and speaking are what a lawyer does. These are the fundamentals of lawyering. They underpin all else, from the biggest practice areas to the obscure niche practice areas. If you excel at the fundamentals, you'll be an effective lawyer.

The site doesn't deviate from that message. It doesn't ramble on about 50 different practice areas-which really tells prospective clients that you don't have focus. Mr. Denison, however, has focus.