12 July 2008

About This Blog

This blog exists because words exist.

I think that your main pursuits should be tailored (1) to some natural ability and (2) interest. As a boy, I remember waking in the morning and immediately reaching for a book. Sometimes I would read until my eyes hurt. I would read and I would write. Doing these things made me better at them than other things (like mathematics) and later in law school I'd spew the cliched quip that I was doing law because I couldn't do math. Chuckle chuckle.

So I thought I'd put a small carbon footprint on the Web in the form of words and the way words can be used. Because I'm a lawyer by training and currently a copy editor by trade, I hope my take on words is worthy of a modest URL. If not worthy of a modest URL, then at least it was a small carbon footprint. ;)